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PowerLix has taken the time to develop a specialized fabric blend with 4-way stretch capability, offering all-around superior protection and support above and beyond what you’ve experienced before! The breathable fabric absorbs sweat quickly and keeps your arm dry and odor free, allowing you hours of continuous use! 



✔ 4-way compression sleeve ergonomically designed for full range of arm motion and full protection.

✔ Special fabric gives you a smooth and soft touch feel all day and all night long!

✔ Significant pain relief from a variety of ailments including Tennis & Golf Elbow, tendonitis, joint inflammation, swelling, and other Elbow pain.

✔ Special knitted technical design that matching different joints.

✔ High-Performance fabric keeps an optimal joint temperature

✔ Improves blood circulation for fast recovery

✔ minimizes injury offers optimal muscle support between workouts and during casual everyday activities

✔Eliminates bad odors & High absorption capacity

✔ Designed to Increase your performance while ensuring you’re a step ahead in injury prevention!



파워릭스 엘보 그린 2개 (Pair)

₩49,000 일반가
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